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The Top 3 Most Demanded Programs by Fortune 500 Companies and Organizations Throughout America

Next Level Communication

(Team Communication Learning Experience)

  • Group vs Team Distinction
  • Mediocre Team vs High Performance Team Distinction
  • How to Listen so you’re Heard. (Know, Like, Trust)
  • Passive vs Active, Listening to the Listening
  • How to be Speak so you’re Heard 
  • What is the distinction between a group of people that communicate to survive, and team that thrives, winning again and again?
  • In this learning experience, your team develops mastery in the area of one to one, and one to many communication, where results shift from mediocre to next level, high performing.

1 – 4hours, 6-2500+, productive, engaging, fun, experiential

    Innovate or Die

    Peter Drucker says, “innovate or die”. Others agree, if you fail to innovate, your company will not survive. Only 60 of the Fortune 500 companies remain from 1955, and experts predict 40% of the current Fortune 500 will die in the next decade.

    Will your company die, survive, or thrive in the continuous and blustery winds of change?

    What is one good idea worth to your company?

    The highest answer from one of our trainings was $2 billion, from a Microsoft Executive.

    So then, what would an endless supply of great ideas be worth?

    If you feel it, you can remember it, and then you choose to OWN it.

    By creating a genuinely, fun space where participants laugh, play and FEEL, our team shares the simple, proven principles of improv that lead to consistent creativity and innovation in organizations. It can be used to create collaborative teams, cultures, and improve your own creative muscles – helping you to better connect with people.

    This is not a lecture; this is not theory. Leaders WILL be practicing and applying these principles throughout the workshop. 

     Therefore, this program is only for groups of high performing individuals, who are open to learning and motivated to grow.

    Positive Conflict

    How well do you manage conflict? Is there a healthy attitude to that in your organization? If your experience is anything like the experience of the high performing teams we work with, then there is a culture in place that establishes and cultivates a positive conflict culture. High performing teams know that on the journey to excellence, differences and conflict contribute to innovation and creativity. 

      • 3-4 hour or 6 hour program formats available

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